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Pammvi Inc is a Southern California based incorporation based in Los Angeles. Pammvi Inc. has taken a revolutionary approach to serve our customers by supplying the highest quality absorbent, Ophthalmic Lenses, Orthodontic Products, Audiologist products and meat pads.

Our goods, which are made to be incredibly thin, contribute to environmental preservation by lowering carbon footprints. Pammvi Inc. supplies goods to the food industry, oil and gas industries, food packaging industries, and chemical industries.

None of our goods contain chemicals, additives, or other substances. The Absorbent Pads and Cleaning Wipes may be relied upon to be both safe and high-quality. to be safe and of high quality.


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Absorbent pads can be bought by the pad or by the roll. Pads can be used for many things, from cleaning or stopping small leaks to making it less likely that someone will trip or fall. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer that is used to make pads that soak up oil.


White Absorbent Pads

Socks, mats, and booms that soak up oil-based liquids and repel water float because they are “hydrophobic” (the name is “hydrophobic”). It’s a good idea to use white vinegar to clean up oil spills on water.


Chemical Absorbents Roll

The PollSorb Chemical Absorbent Rolls are the products that should be used in situations in which there is a spill that covers a greater area. Chemical Absorbent Rolls are similar to Chemical Absorbent Pads in terms of their qualities; the only difference is that the rolls come in a roll format.

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Industries We Supply To

Food Packaging Industry

In the foods packaged goods industry, polyethylene films and laminates are used in the production of absorbent pads for the packing of products such as fruit, meat, and fish. The major responsibility of enclosing and effectively protecting food goods as they make their way from the manufacturer to the end consumer falls on the shoulders of the packaging technologies used..

Chemical Industry

Since chemical absorbent pads are only used when chemicals are being packed for storage or shipping, the market for chemical absorbent pads is heavily dependent on local chemical production. As a result, the Asia-Pacific market for chemical absorbent pads is expected to have a lot of room for growth. The slow growth of the chemical absorbent pads market in Latin America and Western Europe is a direct result of how bad the manufacturing sector is in these places.

Oil And Gas Industry

During the period of the forecast, the reusable oil absorbent market is expected to be driven by industrialization and rising demand from the oil and gas sector. Use mats, pads, and socks that can be used again and again to soak up oil to avoid accidents and injuries. When it comes to oil absorbents that can be used more than once, the oil that is collected is recycled, and the absorbents are cleaned and used again and again.

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What Is A Meat Pad Or Different Types Of Meat Absorbent Pad

The innovative technology and unique shape of this absorbents pad meat keep the surface of red meats in a typical MAP meat tray from getting brown. These pads break down into the soil in less than 60 days, making them perfect for meat packs or display counters.

Type Of Meat Absorbent Pads

A specialised formulation designed for the removal of blood from meat that has been sliced. With this arrangement, unpacking in the kitchen will be less of a hassle for the customers. Bacterial development is slowed even further by the process of separating out the surplus biological fluids.

The biological fluids that are secreted by fish can be a mess, and they have a very distinct odour. Utilizing these pads when unpacking will provide your customers with a nice experience in the kitchen. Because the absorbent pads contain all of the fluids, there is significantly less of a mess and odour to deal with.

Soaker pads are commonly used in retail packaging to line the bottom of a foam or plastic meat packaging tray and absorb excess liquid, offsetting purge weight loss caused by storage and packaging protection.


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Pammvi Inc.based in Los Angeles, has offices throughout Southern California. Among the many products available to customers are Absorbents, meat pads, and rapid test kits.

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