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  • Conventional Hearing Aids

    Hearing aids, which use conventional electronics, have been the mainstay of the hearing aid industry for 40 years. Conventional hearing aid electronics use basic analog technology to provide quality, amplification to patients with a wide range of hearing losses. These hearing aids have as their defining feature the characteristic of adding the same amount of…

  • Digital Hearing Aids

    Digital Hearing instruments represent the most advanced technology available today. These instruments actually contain a computer chip that is programmed by a computer. This offers the best way currently available to match a particular hearing loss with the most prescriptive amplification needed. Complete flexibility and amazing fine-tuning capability are among the many benefits. This unique…

  • Hearing Aids for Young ones/ Children

    Reasons & Complications of Hearing Loss:

    60% of childhood hearing loss can be  preventable.

    The hearing loss in children is often identified during a test performed in the newborn hearing screen which is done about 24-48 hours after birth. But some children develop hearing loss as they get older.  Early intervention After the hearing loss is suspected or diagnosed in your child, will have less impact on your child development milestones

    Hearing plays a very crucial role in the development of speech,language, communication & learning of children & young adults, But it is difficult with children who are suffering from hearing loss like it can impact the receptive & expressive communication skills & can result in less accomplishment in academics & can also hinder their socializing with their families & friends.

    Solution to your child hearing loss

    An audiogram test & detect the level of hearing loss in your child or young adult so that we can guide you to choose the best hearing aid which will help in the development stages of your child life.
    Depending upon the type of hearing loss, we offer a wide range of all the latest hearing aids based on different types of technology. It is always good to have early detection of hearing problems in newborns to ensure the sooner resolvency, you can do that with _________hearing screener with a powerful combination of

    • the automated auditory brainstem response (ABRIS),
    • distortion product OAE (DPOAE), and
    • transient evoked OAE (TEOAE) hearing tests.

    OEA testing is always good for reducing testing time.

  • Programmable Hearing Aids

    Programmable hearing instruments represent a more advanced technology than conventional. These instruments are programmed by a computer, allowing a better way to accommodate a given patient’s amplification needs, thus allowing greater flexibility and fine-tuning capability. Most of the technology in these types of instruments is basically analog conventional circuits that are set and controlled by…